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Vaccinations For Travel provides a complete health and medical service for travellers to all parts of the globe. Our travel medical and vaccination clinic provides all travel vaccinations including yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and rabies. We also prescibe anti-malarial medications, healthy travel products and medical kits for all destinations. Vaccinations For Travel provides advice and support for all types of travellers going to all destinations. Our trusted clinic is located in Sydney and has maintained a standard of excellence in travel medicine for almost two decades. Vaccinations For Travel is a World Health Organisation (WHO) authorised yellow fever vaccination centre.


One of the most common problems facing global travellers is how to deal with a sudden illness, accident or other health emergency in a foreign country. Illness not only presents a danger to travellers but results in unexpected cost, lost opportunities and an inability to complete activities. Travellers need to consider some simple precautions to guarantee a safe and memorable journey. Illnesses can be avoided with modern, safe and effective vaccinations and a clear understanding of other important preventative measures. A visit to Vaccinations for Travel before your trip can certainly help ensure that your journey will be remembered for all the right reasons!


Vaccinations For Travel was established by Dr Andrew Rylatt, one of Australia's most experienced and most trusted travel health specialists. Dr Rylatt has over a decade of  travel health knowledge and is a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM). A consultation at Vaccinations for Travel provides the opportunity to assess your personal travel health risk profile and make informed choices that will ensure your journey remains memorable for all the right reasons. We also provide a complete range of travel health products, medical kits and resources for travellers of all ages and backgrounds.


This website provides valuable health information and travel tips to help you prepare for a safe and healthy journey. There is a comprehensive list of online travel health resources and links to useful sites to advise travellers on how look after their health before, during and after a trip. Happy and safe travelling from all at Vaccinations for Travel!

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